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ALS Arabia Biyaq LLC is a joint venture operation between ALS Arabia and Biyaq Laboratories LLC. ALS Arabia Biyaq is part of the global ALS group and provides world class analytical testing service with exceptional quality and reliability. The Oman laboratory offers a diversified range of analytical testing services including Minerals services, Oil and Gas testing (including Oil Condition Monitoring and Tribology), Environmental and General Chemistry testing, Food and Beverage Physio-Chemical and Microbiology Testing services, as well as product assessment testing to International or Omani/GCC standards. The synergy created between the JV partners has positioned ALS Arabia Biyaq in an enviable position for delivering ISO17025 accredited results; incomparable client service which includes accurate & timely data, expert support, and a culture of safety and innovation; and a proprietary on-line encrypted web access service, WebtrieveTM, allowing our clients to access their results from anywhere in the world. ALS Arabia Biyaq has the RIGHT... قراءة المزيد
Now in its 10th year, The Mining Show has grown to be the only event with a geographical reach covering the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and South Asia. Join 2,000 attendees at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai on 2nd and 3rd October 2017. 8 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD VISIT THE MINING SHOW 2017
  • Network with over 2000 mining and quarrying professionals, investors, VIP government professionals in just two days
  • Attend free demonstrations on everything from: gold processing solutions, filtration & tailings management, effective resource utilisation & workflow planning visit click here for full demo agenda
  • Meet 60+ regional and international suppliers from the mining and quarrying industry
  • Access the regional quarrying market - visit the exhibition stands of Quarry Mining, Orica, Weir and FNRC
  • Compare new products and equipment to suit your needs
  • Network with our delegations from international Ministries - including UAE, Nigeria, Uganda, Jordan, Sudan, Egypt... قراءة المزيد
Mining Investment Middle & Central Asia is a strategic mining conference and exhibition for the leaders of the mining, quarrying and construction materials industries, bringing together 350 attendees from 25 countries. It is a forum where miners & governments showcase projects to investors and mining technology, equipment and services companies exhibit their solutions, create demand and launch new products to industry buyers. Ministers, mining companies, investors and service providers travel from all over Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and North America for three days of partnering, networking and business matching. Join us at an invaluable platform to seek new partnerships, new business and new opportunities. The exhibition demonstrates the very latest in technology and solution innovations to mining industry buyers. Mining technology, equipment & services companies, miners and governments take this opportunity to expand connections, launch new products and forge new business... قراءة المزيد
One of the cool projects we are working on involves remote sensing of stack gas velocity using infrared imaging and digital image correlation. Using this technique, we can determine stack gas flow without even climbing the stack… stack-free stack testing. Preliminary tests show results that agree with US EPA Method 2 or 2F to within a few percent. This would be great for a quick check of stack flow or on sources that are hazardous or hard to access. Our own Dr. Dave is heading up this project. Check out his video below.   Remote Velocity Measurement from Scott Evans on قراءة المزيد
On a recent project, CleanAir used an open-path Active FTIR (AFTIR) system coupled with a drone (or unmanned aerial vehicle, UAV) to analyze pollutants in on a high, inaccessible stack. This is not the Passive FTIR system employed in many of the recent flare tests.  The AFTIR analyzer utilized an optical telescope to transmit an infrared (IR) beam through the measurement region. The IR beam was reflected back to the analyzer by a suspended retroreflector array. The analyzer measured the absorption of the IR radiation to determine the composition of the gas in the measurement region. The retroreflector array was suspended from a UAV hovering behind the emission plume relative to the AFTIR about 100 feet in the air. This is the first time (we believe) that anyone has used a UAV-suspended mirror array as one end of an open path monitoring system. Learn more about CleanAir’s drone technology for analyzing plumes in dangerous... قراءة المزيد