Maamel Investments & Services:

  • Scal Arabia:

SCAL Arabia will be specialized in special Core Analysis in the kingdom.
  • CleanAir Arabia:

In Saudi Arabia, CleanAir Arabia will provide stack analysis services only.
  • ALS Arabia:

    ALS Arabia will provide a wide range of analytical services:

    Oil and Gas Analysis:

    • Organic Solvent analysis
    • Industrial gases analysis
    • Natural gases analysis
    • Lubricant analysis
    • Chemistry analysis

    Environmental Testing:

    • Organic
    • Non organic
    • Bacteriological
    • Physical
    • Toxicological
    • Land contamination
    • Air and Water Analysis

    Mining Industry & Minerals:

    • Mineral samples analysis
    • Geological samples analysis

    Food and Drugs Analysis:

    • Microbiology and Bacteria testing
    • Composition
    • analysis
    • Broteins analysis
    • Quality analysis
    • Nutritional value analysis
    • Suitability analysis

    Industrial analysis:

    • Chemical analysis
    • Substance
    • analysis
    • Industrial compliance
    • Organic and non organic testing

    Government & Other Special Projects

    • Ma’amel plan is to expand its services to cover all areas needed in
      the Saudi and GCC markets.
  • Consultancy:

    Maamel studies different opportunities to provide consultancy services to
    design and prepare laboratories (to public sector like universities and schools).
    The company also plans to provide the maintinance and technical support services
    to the laboratories.

  • Stratigic Acquisitions:

    Maamel plans to acquire some of the existing labs in the Kingodm and in some
    other countries in order to increase the size of the business as well as the