Ma’amel intends to benefit from the long experience of its founders in providing the best investment opportunities, the most effective marketing penetration plan and efficient management capabilities to manage the company.

The Founders of Ma’amel are:

  • Kaid Investment Company

    A Saudi Company with a multi investment interests and substantial experience in corporate development and management of new projects.
    Kaid Investment Group is a Saudi Company operating since 1996. Over the years, Kaid successfully created and managed a number of projects. Today, Kaid is a founding partner of a number of successful companies including:

    • Mauten Real Estate Company (Mauten)
    • Arabian Environmental Science Ltd. Co.
    • Pan Environmental Services Company
    • Shaw Arabia Ltd.
    • Warehousing & Logistics Services Company (LSC)
    • Al-Wazzan Environmental Company
    • National Insurance Company (Al-Ahliah)
    • Kaid Projects & Trading Company
    • Saudi Turkish Projects Company (STP)
    • Promena Saudi Arabia (Promena)

    Kaid professional management takes great pride in their strong sense of business development as well as their wide network of excellent relations with business groups and investment organizations.

  • Arabian Environmental Science Ltd., Co. (Arensco)

    Arensco is one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia providing Environmental Studies and Consultancy. Arensco has successfully completed a number of critical studies for some of the most important projects in Saudi Arabia.

    The Arabian Environmental Science Ltd. Co. is a Saudi Arabia based company providing a range of environmental services within the Kingdom and internationally. Through its retained staff and partnering specialists Arensco provides a unique blend of local knowledge and international experience. They are able to offer clients proven solutions suited to the needs of Saudi Arabia and other GCC states.
    Arencsco is certified by the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) in the Kingdom and also approved by Saudi Aramco, Sabic and other major organizations for environmental services and consultancy.

    Arensco provides a wide range of environmental services, spanning from high level policy advices for the government through to the supervision of environmental sites and construction projects.

    Arensco today is considered to be the most active and effective Environmental Consultants to Saudi Aramco and other organizations. With a clear understanding of the market needs for a company like Ma’amel, as well as the obvious synergy between the two organizations, Arensco became active in founding Ma’amel.

    • Ma’amel intends to develop its first project in cooperation and partnership with one of he leading laboratory companies (ALS Laboratory Group).
  • Zamil Group Holding Company

    Zamil Group Holding Company is a global investment company with diverse interests and capabilities. Across the continents we provide innovative, high quality and price competitive products and services as well as investment opportunities for investors, partners and stakeholders in the industrial, petrochemicals and services sectors.
    Our range of products and services is expansive and spans air-conditioning manufacturing to architectural glass processing, plastics to steel fabrication and paints and cranes to heavy process equipment. We are also engaged in shipbuilding and repair, port operations and maintenance, petrochemicals and chemicals, industrial investment and general construction.

  • Al-Othaim Holding Company

    Al-Othaim Holding Company is an extension of Saleh Al-Othaim Trading Establishment which was founded in 1376 H. (1956 G.) by the late Shiekh Saleh Al-Othaim. The establishment opened its first store in Hilat Al-Gosman, which is part of Al-Batha area, in the heart of the business area of the City of Riyadh. The establishment has since establishment specialized in foodstuff supplies. In 1401 H. (1981 G.), Mr. Abdullah bin Saleh Al-Othaim and his brothers continued the business started by their father by expanding business through opening other commercial wholesale and retail sale shops and supermarkets.

  • United Investment Company